D&D Weekly – Three Line Cultures

The mysterious men in the black vans had something Red needed to work on, so Seals of Dracholt was cancelled. Here's some information about generating cultures instead.


Seals of Dracholt 15 – Gnolls

The party returns to Dracholt for their reward and goes off to rough up a band of gnolls terrorizing the peasants.


Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Red picked up the brand new book released by Wizards of the Coast and wanted to share her initial thoughts.


D&D Weekly – Medieval Villages

The mall had a giant event, so most of the Dungeons and Dragons groups at the gaming store cancelled for the night. Thus, instead of another installment of the Seals of Dracholt, here are a few links to information on medieval life.


Seals of Dracholt 14 – Kald’s Forest Demons

The party obtains another seal after frightening an entire town.


Seals of Dracholt 13 – Glen

The Dracholt party finally finds the next seal after Nick finds a new friend.


Seals of Dracholt 12 – Merrow

The Dracholt party is in for a nasty surprise as they are rowing from the anchored Trumpeter to the Everwinter docks.


Seals of Dracholt 11 – Trumpeter

The Dracholt party finds the person that brought the mysterious floating wood to the city.


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